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(2023) Rikshawala Part 2 Ullu Web Series Watch Online

(2023) Rikshawala Part 2 Ullu Web Series Watch Online


(2023) Rikshawala Part 2 Ullu Web Series Watch Online

Rikshawala web series is scheduled to be released on 18th April 2023. All the episodes of the series will be streamed on the same day. Directed by AFI, the Rikshawala Part 2 web series features Manvi Chugh, Jinnie Jazz, Dhiraj Kumar Rai, and Abhinav Raja. Watch the Riskhawala Part 2 web series only on the ullu app.


The series revolves around a girl Nisha (Manvi Chugh), who falls in love with Kundan (a well-educated Rikshawala). Both have been in love for a few months. Later Nisha was engaged to the businessman Romli. She ditched Kundan for money. On the other side, the groom (Romli) was attracted by his sister-in-law (Shikha).

Nisha was trapped by the Romli. Later Nisha escapes from Romli and comes to see his ex-lover Rikshawala. Kundan becomes rich through his knowledge as he is well-educated. He was in a luxurious home, living a sophisticated life. 

Rikshawala Part 2 Cast

  • Manvi Chugh as Nisha
  • Dhiraj Kumar Rai as Kundan (Rikshawala)
  • Jinnie Jazz as Shikha
  • Abhinav Raja as Romli

Rikshawala Part 2 Web Series Full Details

Here are the complete details of the Rikshawala web series part 2,

Series Name: Rikshawala
Season: 2
Part: 2
Director: AFI
OTT Streaming Platform: ULLU
Number Of Episodes: 3
Runtime Of Episode: 25 – 30 Minutes
Release Date: 18th April 2023 (Friday)
Languages: Hindi, Bhojpuri, Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu, and Tamil

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