5 movies similar to The Last of Us and where to watch

5 movies similar to The Last of Us and where to watch

The Last of Us series is making the biggest hit on the platform. Based on a popular game, HBO’s production is set in a post-apocalyptic future, in which humanity is devastated by a zombie epidemic. In the midst of the launch of the 1st season, the public wants to know: where to watch movies with this same theme?

We have listed below 5 movies with themes similar to those of The Last of Us; check out where to watch them!

A Quiet Place – Netflix

A Quiet Place has become one of the most popular post-apocalyptic films of recent times. The film is set in a future where Earth is invaded by bloodthirsty aliens.

These aliens do not see but are attracted by any kind of noise, no matter how small. Therefore, silence becomes the key to survival. In this desolate setting, protagonists Lee and Evelyn Abbott do everything to keep their children safe and avoid the creatures.

Cargo – Netflix

the film Cargo presents a theme very similar to that of The Last of Us. Both productions follow the journey of a man who protects a child in an extremely violent and dangerous universe.

Set in Australia, at the height of an apocalypse, Cargo tells the story of Andy Rose, a desperate father willing to do anything to protect his baby daughter. The film stars Martin Freeman (Black Panther: Wakanda Forever After) and also features Susie Porter (Wentworth) in the cast.

I Am Legend – Prime Video

The film, considered one of the actor’s greatest successes, moves audiences with a story of struggle, survival, and loneliness.

The plot of I Am Legend takes place in a desolate future where a lethal virus transforms humans into bloodthirsty creatures. In this dystopia, the protagonist Robert Neville – the only survivor not infected by the virus – wanders in search of the company through the rubble of civilization.

The Road – Prime Video

Many fans don’t know, but the plot of the post-apocalyptic movie The Road is one of the inspirations for The Last of Us! The film is based on the book by Cormac McCarthy, which was mentioned by Neil Druckmann (the game’s creator) as one of the main bases of the story.

The plot of A Estrada, therefore, is quite familiar. Set in a post-apocalyptic world where nearly all of humanity is wiped out by a cataclysmic event, The Road follows the journey of a man who protects his son amidst the ruins of civilization.

Logan – Disney+

As fans of The Last of Us already know, the franchise follows the story of Joel, a tough guy who does everything to protect young Ellie. This theme is also reproduced in the film Logan, in which the mutant Wolverine defends little Laura – or X-23 – from a heavily armed group.

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