7 Reason To Watch Salaam Venky Movie

Salaam Venky Movie
Salaam Venky

Kajol’s film ‘Salaam Venky’ has been released, where on one hand the film touches the heart and on the other hand it shakes the mind. Based on Srikanth Murthy’s celebrated work inspired by K. Venkatesh’s true story, The Last Hurrah, Salaam Venky is a film about a boy battling a rare genetic disorder called Duchene muscular dystrophy. Living out the last days of his life, he conveys his last wish to his mother, who is now tasked with fulfilling it.

Here we are telling you five reasons why you should watch this film by Kajol.

1.This film is a film advocating euthanasia. Euthanasia is not legally allowed in India but its voice has been raised from time to time. One of the cases due to which this demand has been raised is the story of Venkatesh, a boy from Hyderabad.

2. The new film of this series ‘Salaam Venky’ is a part of that cinema which tries to understand the suffering of humans suffering from incurable diseases as well as its impact on the world around them.

3.’Salaam Venky’ is not the kind of film which keeps the suspense till the end or makes the audience sit till the end waiting to see something unexpected. Here the story becomes clear as the film begins. 

4.  The film ‘Salaam Venky’ is his good attempt to do something different as an actor between these two films.

5. Salaam Venky tries so hard to make every moment emotionally heavy that it fails to make a real impact.

6. Kajol has given a brilliant performance in this film too, but since this performance is based on such a script, in which her character does not have anything to spread her wings and fly, then her sky is also limited.

7. The film is dealing with the complicated debate of euthanasia – a subject that has been debated extensively in several forums, from the court of law to classrooms.

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