“Forgetting to wear clothes…” Kangana Ranaut’s hilarious reply to trolls about clothes

Kangana Ranaut

Kangana also likes to talk about topics related to women. She presents her strong opinion in front of others. Even now she has expressed her opinion on women’s clothes through Instagram posts. People are often seen expressing their opinion on what clothes women should or shouldn’t wear. Now Kangana has answered them in clear words.

Kangana shared a photo wearing a white transparent top through her Instagram account. In the meantime, she was trolled a lot because of this look. She was advised by netizens through social media on how she should dress. Now once again she has commented on this subject.

Kangana said, “What clothes women wear or forget to wear is entirely up to them. This is none of your business.” Sharing another photo, she said, “I have said what I want to say. Now I can go to office.” Kangana has responded to the trolls in very clear words.

This statement of Kangana is currently in discussion. Kangana did a photo shoot in between wearing a transparent dress. Everyone was stunned to see her new look. This time she also faced a lot of trolling.

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