Amrish Puri’s daughter is very beautiful, seeing the photo you will forget Aishwarya and Alia

Amrish Puri's daughter is very beautiful, seeing the photo you will forget Aishwarya and Alia

The characters played by Amrish Puri have become immortal in cinema. Even though he is no longer among us in this world, his acting prowess is still considered, and the story of the film in which Amrish Puri is there gets power.

Amrish Puri died in the year 2005, after which the world remembers him a lot, but these days Amrish Puri’s daughter Namrata Puri is becoming very viral and the reason is her beauty. Today we are going to tell you the whole thing about Amrish Puri’s daughter.

Namrata Puri is very beautiful to look at, in front of her beauty many Bollywood actresses are also left behind. Photos and videos of Namrata Puri, who is very active on social media, keep going viral. He also has a strong fan following. She gets thousands of likes on one post. If you see Namrata Puri, you will fall in love with her, even after having all these qualities, Namrata stays away from the entire film world. Yes, you heard it right, Namrata Puri is not an actress, nor does she have any dreams of becoming a heroine.

Namrata Puri is married to a businessman and they both have a child. Namrata Puri remains very active on social media, she has more than 10 thousand followers on Instagram. Despite not being Bollywood, her beauty will win hearts. You can also see the viral pictures of Namrata Puri, seeing which your heart will also be praised.

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