Atkan Chatkan Movie Review : Lydian Nadhaswaram, Sachin Chaudhary,

Atkan Chatkan Movie Review : Lydian Nadhaswaram, Sachin Chaudhary,

Atkan Chatkan 

Star Cast: Lydian Nadhaswaram, Sachin Chaudhary, Yash Rane, Tamanna Dipak, Aayesha Vindhara, Amitriyaan

Director: Shiv Hare

The narrator, therefore, must know how to make the journey to the end a pleasant one. Atkan Chatkan, a Hindi phrase, often used for alliteration purposes, is supposed to provide a happy, youthful vibe. The best part of the movie is when it starts to turn into a musical. Children write their own songs, harmonize, and make instruments with whatever they are holding.

Atkan Chatkan is the story of poverty to a wealth of Guddu, a gifted child prodigy who has an absent mother and an alcoholic father. Guddu doesn’t go to school, he works for a tea vendor in Jhansi but has big dreams. Despite not knowing what the word musician means, he knows how to make music. You do not need traditional instruments to create music, as you believe that all the sounds around you can be used as melodies.

Guddu then works as a scrap collector and makes instruments out of scrap metal. Later we discovered that this taste for music is genetic. He dreams of entering Tansen music school to learn more.

He approaches a motley group of other street children and they all form a gang using paraphernalia from street items: broken pipes, plastic drums, etc. His only support is his friend Madhav, a specially trained boy who loves to read and sell. books on the sidewalk. He says to Guddu: “Does a balloon know that it is a balloon? It only knows how to fly.” Atkan Chatkan ’together with his friends Madhav (Yash Rane), Chuttan (Sachin Chaudhary), and Meethi (Tamanna Dipak). The other three are orphans who beg or get money dancing and singing in the street. The lives of these four children change when they have the opportunity to appear in a competition.

There is a prestigious music contest up for grabs, and the tattered group is committed to winning it for the school. Children write their own songs, harmonize and make instruments with whatever they are holding. The story is about how the Atkan Chatkan band sustains and the unshakable spirits of these talented children.

The four children who play the lead role are incredibly talented. Lydian Nadhaswaram is a talented singer/musician in real life, and her talents show up well on screen. Her co-stars Sachin Chaudhary, Yash Rane, Tamanna Dipak, Aayesha, and Vindhara also gave a good performance.

Presented by musical teacher AR Rahman, Atkan Chatkan tells the story of Guddu, played by Lydian Nadhaswaram, who is among the best children’s pianists in the world and AR Rahman’s protégé.

Atkan Chatkan Written and directed by Shiv Hare, Atkan Chatkan features songs sung by Amitabh Bachchan, Sonu Nigam, Hariharan, Runa Sivamani, and Uthara Unnikrishnan.

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