Attack Movie Review: The Film is an action-packed sci-fi film, a ‘Super-Soldier’ ​​will save the country from terrorists

Attack Movie Review: The Film is an action-packed sci-fi film, a 'Super-Soldier' ​​will save the country from terrorists

Movie – Attack Part 1
Cast – John Abraham, Rakulpreet Singh, Jacqueline Fernandez, Prakash Raj, Ratna Shah Patak, Elham Ehsaas, Rajit Kapoor
Direction – Lakshyaraj Singh
Where can you watch it? – in cinemas
Rating – 3

Attack Movie Review: John Abraham, Rakul Preet Singh and Jacqueline Fernandez’s movie ‘Attack’ has been released in theaters. In recent years, John Abraham has made a slew of action-packed movies laced with a patriotic national security flavor. But this time we have brought the sci-fi movie ‘Attack’ with strong action, which has patriotism and also a matter of national security, but has come out to save a ‘Super-Soldier’.

The story of ‘Attack’ is about Arjun Shergill (John Abraham), an army soldier, who is a wonderful soldier, but he is seriously injured in a terrorist attack at the airport and his life is completely changed. Arjun arrives in the wheelchair and his whole body becomes paralyzed. This is where the story of how he became a ‘Super Soldier’ begins. Jacqueline ‘Aisha’ has been made into the movie, who is John Abraham’s love interest. Rakul Preet Singh is an artificial intelligence expert and John Abraham becomes a super soldier by being part of his project. That’s it, now you have to go to the theaters to know more about the story.

The story of the attack begins with an attack from the first scene. It may be difficult for you to understand what is happening for the first few minutes. By the time you understand this attack, John Abraham will start appearing on screen as a lover boy. He starts the love story and then the kiss happens, but in this movie the love story starts with the kiss… The first half of the movie is also similar, I don’t know when the emotion will come. Actually, in the first half, you will not see the story, only the events and this is the reason why you will not be able to feel emotionally connected anywhere.

In ‘Attack’, we have shown a terrorist attack on Parliament to show the hero as ‘Super Soldier’. But by showing all this, we have shown that our country’s security system is a ‘comedy circus’. More than 100 terrorists enter the Parliament of the country with thousands of tons of ammunition and weapons, and that too when the Parliament session is in progress. Not only this, the Prime Minister of the country also comes here. You use logic to make your ‘mission’ seem ‘impossible’.

Speaking of acting, the film is by John Abraham and he is very involved in this film. This soldier who kills so many terrorists will seem justified to you but just… nothing more. Jacqueline, like I said before, has a love interest in the movie. Rakul is good in her role. Prakash Raj’s chemistry with John is stronger than that of these two heroines.

The cinematography of the film has been done by different people at different times and because of this, there is a change in the shooting depending on the emotions. The songs in the film needed more effort and as simple, simple and charming as Arjun and Ayesha’s love story, it could have sounded better to connect their feelings, show them on the screen and then part.

John Abraham, Rakul Preet Singh, Prakash Raj, Ratna Shah Pathak, Kiran Kumar and Jacqueline have done an excellent job in the film. However, Attack is a movie that deserves to be seen. The movie will not bore you.

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