Avatar 2: Actor spent his teenage years working on Avatar 2

Jack Champion shared his experience on Avatar: The Way of Water
Avatar 2: Actor spent his teenage years working on Avatar 2
Jack Champion as Spider in Avatar: The Way to Water

Jack Champion is one of the new faces in the cast of Avatar: The Way of Water . In James Cameron’s new film , the actor plays Miles “Spider”, a human teenager who lives among the Na’vi on Pandora.

In the interview with The Hollywood Reporter , Champion said he auditioned for the film when he was 12, now he’s 18 . He also confessed that he started watching the 2009 film every day for a month. About the interview sessions, Champion shared:

“It was four months, starting with self-recording, and then I met with the casting director [Margery Simkin] over Skype. There were many auditions. I never thought, ‘Oh, I’m definitely going to get the part’. Because I think as an actor, you don’t want to set yourself up to be sad. You’re always grateful, like, ‘Hey, at least I made it this far. I can always say I got to that point.’

Coincidentally, Champion landed the role in Avatar: The Path of Water around the same time he landed a role in Avengers: Endgame . He is the boy on a bicycle who finds Scott Lang ( Paul Rudd ) trying to understand what has happened to the world.

Jack Champion then shared what it was like to work alongside famous director James Cameron for four years. The actor said that Cameron knows everything that happens around him, and confessed that the director became a father to him .

“It’s been an honor to work with Jim for four and a half years of my life. He knows everything about every department from acting to lighting to stunts and cinematography. Most of the time he held the camera himself, did his own camera work. He’s just a cinematic genius. After so many years, he kind of became a father figure to me.”

Finally, Champion stated that by playing Miles for so long, practically all of his teenage years, he ended up putting a little bit of himself into the character.

“Growing up playing the character, you can’t help but put a lot of yourself into [the role]. [With] Spider, I feel like it’s just a different version of me that would be on Pandora, growing up in the situation that he’s in. He considers himself one of the Na’vi, even though he is human. He’s not 10 feet tall, but he doesn’t let that stop him.”

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