Avatar 2 set in new photo Reveal filmmaker James Cameron

Avatar 2 sequel set in new photo Reveal filmmaker James Cameron
James Cameron (Photo: Avatar/Twitter)

Filming for Avatar 2 works in New Zealand and in a new photo from the film set, we have director James Cameron. In this film, we use advanced technologies such as cutting edge motion capture and blue characters.


According to James Cameron, the next Avatar movie will see Sully and Neytiri with a family. Sadly, they are forced to leave home and explore more of Pandora together, and much of the film takes place underwater.

Avatar 2 is ahead of many other productions, considering it is one of the few big-budget movies that are physically on set right now, it was not immune to theatrical delays. Cameron issued a statement, saying that the unexpected delay in starting production due to COVID-19 has forced them to push for the release of the first sequel, which was originally scheduled to hit screens in December 2021.

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