Avatar 2 Review: ‘Avatar: The Way of Water takes you to the wonderful and unimaginable world

Avatar The Way Of Water Review: Hollywood director James Cameron’s film ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ has been released in theatres.
Avatar 2 Review: 'Avatar: The Way of Water takes you to the wonderful and unimaginable world
Avatar 2 Review (Image credit- Instagram)

Avatar 2 Review: Avatar: The Way of Water ‘ was released in cinemas worldwide today i.e. on 16th December. Is. Fans were waiting for the sequel of ‘ Avatar ‘ for almost 13 years. The first part of this film was released in 2009. With the release, Avatar created a ruckus. Avatar grossed 100 crores at the Indian box office. Everyone was stunned to see the world of Pandora in Avatar in 3D.

The film ‘Avatar – The Way of Water’ is one such film that will leave your eyes teary-eyed. Although James Cameron has the charisma of showing the unique world of Pandora in a very different way on the cinematic screen through his own film ‘Avatar’ 13 years ago, this time the battle is fought underwater, which is surprisingly done. has been introduced.

In the previous part, the people of Pandora had won the war started by humans, but now these blue creatures have to face a big danger. Humans are returning to completely destroy the beautiful world of Pandora. Jack Sully has now completely belonged to Pandora, but no one has any idea that the human army is moving forward to destroy his world.

From the first second to the very last moment of Avatar 2, the audience can’t believe their eyes. The stunning visuals and advanced 3D technology make audiences feel as if they are not watching the movie, but a living reality.

The VFX in Avatar is such that you wouldn’t have thought of it before in any movie, let alone in your imagination. This movie is such that you will regret not seeing it in the movie theater, our advice for those who are waiting for the release of AVATAR 2 OTT is to go to the movie theater and experience it in 3D. Watching Avatar 2 proves that not only the visual effects but also the creativity of the director have worked hard to make this movie so spectacular. The underwater scenes shown in the film were actually shot underwater.

Avatar 2, made at $ 400 million, is the world’s most expensive budget film and according to the craze that is being seen in the whole world, this film will soon become the world’s highest-grossing film.

This film opens on more than 3,800 screens, making it the biggest opening in Hollywood. At the same time, the hype about the movie is already there. But this movie is 3 hours and 13 minutes long. Now it will turn out to be a difficult game to make the audience sit in theaters for so long.

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