Bollywood actress Rekha made a big disclosure, said: I did not want to become an actor, know the whole story

Bollywood actress Rekha made a big disclosure, said: I did not want to become an actor, know the whole story

Actress Rekha’s name is also included in one of the beautiful actresses of Bollywood, while she has recently celebrated her 67th birthday, so basically, the actress is from Chennai and her real name is Bhanurekha Ganesan! For your information, let us tell you that his father is Ramaswamy, who is a well-known actor in Tamil cinema, who is also known as Gemini Ganesan.

Although the actress is far away from the film world these days, for some reason or the other, she always comes in the headlines, so today we are going to tell you a similar thing related to her life, which has been revealed by the actress herself!

Recently, actress Rekha revealed in an interview that she never wanted to enter the world of acting but still she started working in the film industry at the age of just 3 without her wish. The actress tells that I had become an overnight star, I was very young at that time, I did not want that I would ever become an actress, if you ask other stars, they will tell that they wanted to be an actor since childhood but in my case anything like this No, I have been killed and made an actress, 3 years I started working for her and at the age of 13 I came to Mumbai!

In such a situation, on the matter of taking entry in films, the actress told that both Kuljeet Pal and Shatrujit Pal were in search of heroine at that time and when they had come to Madras, someone told them that a South Indian girl can speak a little bit of Hindi too. But I didn’t know Hindi in that so those people came to see me and they came to my mother then started asking me if you know Hindi

So I said no then he said that you have to work in Hindi then I said otherwise he said okay you come and sign tomorrow, we guys and I think it was in luck then got it!

At the same time, actress Rekha has even further said that my parents were also stars of South Industry, my mother was a big artist, so she knew very well that I too should become an actress and even after the first film, I absolutely wanted to do more work. 

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