Bollywood Flashback: Know where Karan Arjun’s actress is… Leaving acting and doing this work in compulsion

Bollywood: Everyone will remember Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan’s superhit film Karan Arjun. The film also featured Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Om Puri, Kajol and Mamta Kulkarni in lead roles. This film was one of the superhit films of that era and from the songs to the story of this film, the audience was entertained a lot.

The songs of this film are present in the minds of the people till date and the audience who like old songs still listen and hum the songs of this film. A song from this film “Mujhko Rana Ji Maaf Karna” is considered to be the most superhit song of that decade and this song is still the life of weddings and parties. This song was picturized on Mamta Kulkarni inside the film and Mamta Kulkarni’s Latke Jhatko made this song a super hit.

Mamta Kulkarni was looking very beautiful and bold in this song, after which this song became a superhit song of that time. Mamta Kulkarni was one of the finest and beautiful actresses of the 90s.

Mamta Kulkarni had given a lot of superhit films at that time, due to which her popularity had increased so much that the audience used to go to see the film only when she was in the film.

After this, discussions of Mamta Kulkarni started happening all around and it was understood that Mamta Kulkarni would now beat everyone with her acting in films, but her name started being associated with criminals and underworld, after which in the year 2002, Mamta Kulkarni made Vicky Goswami. Married to Mamta Kulkarni is now active on social media.

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