Brahmastra Review: Ranbir-Alia’s film can be seen for great VFX, Ranbir and Alia win hearts


Brahmastra Review: When there is more discussion about VFX of a film before its release, then your expectations increase. The same thing happened with Brahmastra. Everywhere people associated with the film said that it took many years to make it. Lots

of work done on graphics. You may not have seen such graphics but is it really so? 

The graphics of this film is the life of the film. You see something that has never been seen on screen before, but it happens in the middle. Sometimes there is so much fire that it seems that brother will burn the film itself, but then something like this is seen that you are shocked. The amount of hard work that has been said in making the film is visible somewhere. 

What’s the Story?

In the film, there is a boy Shiva whose character is being played by Ranbir Kapoor. Shiva doesn’t know that he is a hero. Some incidents happen with Shiva between Dussehra and Diwali after which he doubts himself. He feels that something is wrong with him. A lot happens in the story ahead which you can enjoy only after watching the film.

The story of this film is sometimes ladder and sometimes very crooked. There are many twists in the movie that you can stay connected. In the story an evil force is working to bring together three broken pieces of Brahmastra and awaken Dev. It had never tried to destroy the world. In such a situation, Shiva knows the truth of his relationship with fire. You can see Ranbir playing with fire many times.

How’s Brahmastra Film

The film is good but it could have been made better, but some shortcomings should also be ignored by the audience as Indian film directors have tried their best to make it like the superhero movie of MCU. It has just become like an MCU. The film is paisa vasool hai but cannot say out standing. 

 The film completely connects to Hindu mythology. It also tells about the gods and their powers. The best part is that people who have acquired and protected Brahmastra are doing this since birth after birth. But this time the evil forces have more power than before. The film also talks about reincarnation.

Is Brahmastra Worth Watching?

Absolutely, it is not only the biggest budget film of Hindi film but it can be counted among the one of the best films of Bollywood. But if you are seeing it by connecting it with RRR then it will be unfair to Brahmastra. Because the genre of both the films is different.

Brahmastra is a sci-fi fantasy film based on mythology. If you are interested on Hindu Mythology Brahmastra movie will keep you entertained throughout.

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