Call of Duty Mobile Minimum Requirements for playing on mobile


It’s been a long time since there are any major releases for mobile gamers. PUBG Mobile has been conquering the world of mobile gaming for more than a year, but so far no new player has competed. Activision, which develops Call of Duty for various platforms, has recently made a big leap into the mobile world of shooting games. The company has made the Call of Duty Mobile game available as a closed beta for download

The game is free but can not be played on any phone. Users must meet the minimum system requirements to complete the game. The game will launch for both Android and iOS users. Here are the system requirements to play the game.

Android users need at least Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 as a processor, at least Adreno 506 as a graphics chip and 3 GB of RAM. In these settings, however, the game only runs at 30 FPS. For a smoother and more enjoyable experience, more computing power, graphics chipsets, and RAM are required.

iOS users need at least an iPhone 6 to play the game at 30 FPS. To play Call of Duty Mobile with a constant 60 FPS or higher, gamers need an iPhone 7 or newer models.

It’s also important to note that regardless of the platform, users will need at least 2.6 GB of game data space, the initial 1.1 GB of data will be expanded, and space will be needed to play the game without any problems.

Although PUBG Mobile has been successful, revolutionizing the mobile gaming community, Call of Duty will not belong in coming. It does not have the core of the Battle Royale character in the game but offers players a pure and immersive First Person Shooter experience (FPS).

The game is very detailed with many customizations and dynamic gameplay options. Call of Duty Mobile has it all in its pocket, from custom equipment for weapons to weapons advantages and abilities. The game features single-player and multiplayer modes with leaderboard and leaderboard matches. Players also have the option to choose between various sub-game modes such as Deathmatch, Search and Destroy, Team Deathmatch and many other fun modes.

Call of Duty Mobile is not directly available for download but offers the option to pre-register to test the beta version if it is available in the region. Currently, the company has launched the game only in India but is slowly progressing to other parts of the world as well.

Call of Duty Mobile requirement for Android and iOS

Android: The minimum requirement is Sat Least Snapdragon 625, Adreno 506 and 3 GB of RAM. In this configuration, the game can be played on average at 30 FPS. Use a more recent chipset for the best results.

iOS: The minimum requirement is an iPhone 6. It should be noted that the game runs on this device with a graphic of at least 30 FPS. For best results (60fps) you need at least iPhone 7 or higher.

Note: Downloading Call of Duty Mobile requires approximately 1.1 GB of data. After installation, 2.6 GB of data is needed.

Is Your Smartphone Compatible With Call OF Duty: MOBILE?

The game graphics are extremely reasonable and bits of gossip is that it has an HDR mode. The game engineers have not yet distributed the official rundown of cell phones good with Call of Duty: Mobile. Nonetheless, in light of our experience, we can say that the game will be bolstered by cell phones furnished with the accompanying chips and graphics processors

  • Snapdragon 845 + Adreno 630
  • Snapdragon 855 + Adreno 640
  • Kirin 970 + Mali-G72
  • Kirin 980 + Mali-G76
  • Exynos 9810 + Mali-G72
  • Exynos 9820 + Mali-G76


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