Class of ’83 Movie Review: Bobby Deol’s new Netflix film

Class of ’83 Movie Review: Bobby Deol's new Netflix film
Netflix film

Class of ‘83’

Director- Atul Sabharwal

Cast: Bobby Deol, Hitesh Bhojraj, Bhupendra Jadawat, Sameer Para, Ninad Mahajani, Prithvik Pratap, Anup Soni

The film “The Class of 83” is based on the book by S Hussain Zaidi. The story is the year 1982 and we have Dean Vijay Singh (Bobby Deol) at the Nashik police Center who has never attended his class. He is the epic that everyone has just heard. He is in the classroom as soon as this mystery around his character ends and suddenly starts teaching him.

This is where he hooks up with the last 5 students who are slow in academics but are still smart at solving whatever throws at them. He personally focuses on them in the hopes of creating a special team to take down the gangsters. But something happens and years later these students get tangled up in the system.

Class of 83 Set in the ’80s and early’ 90s, when the underworld was big in Bombay (now Mumbai), Singh finds these five men who can help him clean up Bombay, which is beyond the lives of the underworld.

Director Atul Sabharwal starred Arjun Kapoor Aurangazeb in 2013, which was also a crime drama.

Shootout at Wadala co-writer Abhijeet Deshpande’s book-like storyline doesn’t have the nerves that could result in the kind of rugged crime drama in which tough cops face off against bad guys worth seeing. In the class of 83, the gangsters are overthrown quite easily.

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