Daler Mehndi Arrested: Famous Punjabi Singer Daler Mehndi Arrested, 2 Years Imprisonment Upheld

daler mehndi

Famous Punjabi singer Daler Mehndi has been arrested. Daler Mohannadi has been arrested in a human trafficking case. The court sentenced to two years imprisonment. This case is 15 years old. Fifteen years ago, a case was registered against Daler Mehndi in this human trafficking case. Fifteen years ago, this issue was heard today. The Patiala court found Daler Mehndi guilty in this case. After the court sentenced him to two years in prison in this case, the court arrested him

Daler Mehndi was taken into custody in 2003 for human trafficking. The case began in court 18 years ago. In 2018, the Patiala Magistrates Court sentenced him to two years in prison and a fine of Rs 2,000 after a trial that lasted nearly 15 years. Diller Mehndi was released on bail at the same time he was sentenced to less than 3 years. Bulbul Mehta, another defendant in the case, was acquitted. Two other defendants, Shamsher Singh and Dian Singh were killed.

Diler Mehndi appealed the lower court’s decision in the Patiala Sessions Court. Additional hearings judge HS Grewal dismissed Diller’s petition during Thursday’s hearing. After that, Dilar was arrested in the same court

Punjabi singer Diller Mehndi used to travel abroad for his various shows. He is accused of illegally taking 10 people to the United States in 1998-1999 while he was going to a show. He said the ten were part of his show team. He took money to take them abroad. On September 19, 2003, Diller’s brother Shamsher was charged with human trafficking. After the interrogation, the police also revealed Diller’s name

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