During the promotion of the film PS-I, South’s star Vikram said, how great is our culture

During the promotion of the film PS-I, South's star Vikram said, how great is our culture
During the promotion of the film PS-I, South’s star Vikram said, how great is our culture

Southern films have won the hearts of Indian audiences in the last few years. From ‘Baahubali’ to the recent ‘KGF’, ‘Pushpa’, these films have grossed more than Hindi films.

Now another big budget southern film is coming to the audience soon. Mani Ratnam is a famous director from South, he has made films like ‘Roja’, ‘Bombay’, ‘Dilse’. Now his film ‘Ponnian Selvan (‘PS-I’) is going to be released. The film will have veteran actors.


The film is currently being heavily promoted. The film’s actor Vikram said during the promotion that, ‘I was told very nicely by a person that we admire a building whose torso cannot stand, which leans to one side. But we have ancient temples still standing in Dimakh where no plaster has been used.

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There were no machines, sophisticated materials in those days. Big stones were dragged by elephants with the help of men. Even though 6 earthquakes had occurred then, the temples could not be shaken. A temple is built by building a big wall outside the temple and leaving a space of 6 feet inside so that even if there is an earthquake, the building inside will not be damaged. During that time, the king built 5000 dams, held elections, built free hospitals, helped people. All this happened in the 9th century. To a question from reporters, he said, “You are talking about US superpower today. America was invented 500 years before it had the number one navy in the world. Bali, Malaysia trades directly to China.

So think about how profound we were, how sophisticated we were, how great our culture was. We should be proud that this is not only North India, South India, but we all Indians are one.

‘PS-I’ is being made in two parts, based on the author’s book of Kalki. This is the story of the Chola Empire that ruled South India for a long time. ‘PS-I’ will release on September 30 in five languages. Its trailer has also been released in five languages. 

Apart from Aishwarya Rai, the film also stars southern film star Vikram. As soon as the trailer of this film was released, it became a hit on YouTube. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan will be seen in the role of Rani Nandini. With this film, she is making a comeback in films after almost 4 years.

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