How did this Veerana actress get ruined by one look from the underworld?

How did this Veerana actress get ruined by one look from the underworld?

Jasmine Dhunna, whose killer looks and beautiful eyes attracted the attention of an underworld don so much that the actress disappeared from home in a single night. People also know Jasmine Dhunna as Jasmine Bhatia.

The actress had to lose her substantial lifestyle because of doing bathroom and bed scenes in just one film. Jasmine gave very bold scenes in the film ‘Veerana’ released on 6 May 1988. It was a horror film, which did not do wonders at the box office, but after this film people went crazy behind Jasmine’s beauty.

What happened to Jasmine Dhunna?

Jasmine went missing a few days after the release of Veerana. After this Jasmine did not appear in any film nor was she seen anywhere. It was believed that seeing the beauty of the actress, an underworld don had followed her. The actress started getting calls from different numbers and was being blackmailed.

Jasmine had stopped stepping out of the house. She neither went to meet nor talked to anyone. It is said that after living in this condition for a few days, the actress left everything and fled to America.

Where is Jasmine Dhunna?

Film director Shyam Ramsay told the truth about Jasmine in an interview in the year 2017. Shyam Ramsay said that Jasmine’s mother had passed away a few days after the release of the film ‘Veerana’. Jasmine was very close to her mother. That’s why she could not bear the shock of her mother going away. Due to this, the actress stopped working in films.

Shyam Ramsay also said in his interview that whenever he makes the sequel of Veerana, Jasmine will be given the role of the lead actress’s mother in the film. Apart from this, if seen, no picture of Jasmine has ever surfaced in this era of social media.

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