Ileana D’Cruz can become Katrina Kaif’s sister-in-law? The actress is dating brother

Ileana D'Cruz can become Katrina Kaif's sister-in-law? The actress is dating brother

Katrina Kaif recently celebrated her birthday on July 16 with some close friends in the Maldives and the pictures of Katrina Kaif’s birthday are becoming viral on social media. Katrina Kaif shared some pictures on her Instagram account on the day of her birthday, in which Ileana D’Cruz and many celebrities can be seen.

Katrina and Ileana D’Cruz look very happy and in vacation mood in the pictures. According to reports, Ileana D’Cruz is once again in a relationship. According to sources, Ileana D’Cruz is dating Katrina Kaif’s brother Sebastian Laurent Michel. Sebastian Laurent Michel is a model. Sebastian lives in London and the couple has been spotted several times spending quality time together at Katrina Kaif’s Mumbai and London home.

According to reports, Sebastian Laurent and Ileana D’Cruz are dating each other for about 6 months. Katrina Kaif’s body photo makes it clear that something is going on between Sebastian Laurent and Ileana D’Cruz, only then she is involved in such a close celebration of Katrina and if it was not so, Ileana D’Cruz is such a close friend and family celebration of Katrina Kaif. would not have been involved.

Earlier, Ileana D’Cruz was in a relationship with photographer Andrew Kneebone. For many years Ileana and Andrew understood each other but eventually this relationship did not last long and broke up. However, whether Ileana is in a relationship with Sebastian Laurent and whether Ileana D’Cruz will become Katrina’s sister-in-law or not, it will be known with time. 

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