Indian censor board gives ‘A’ certificate to which films, know its meaning

Indian censor board gives 'A' certificate to which films, know its meaning

If you like to watch movies then you must have seen a certificate many times before the start of the movie. In which different grades are written. But have you ever wondered why the Indian censor board gives them? What do they mean? Why is the movie not shown in theaters earlier? Let us tell you about it. Along with this, we will also tell which films the censor board gives A certificate. What does it mean?

What is a film certificate?

Whenever a film is made, it is necessary to get a certificate before releasing it. Which is issued by CBFC. All the important things related to the film are written in it.

  • First of all, the full name of the film is written.
  • This is followed by some period information about the film.
  • The names of the people providing the film certificate are written.
  • Then the information about the print medium of the release of the film is given.
  • The name of the producer goes.
  • Contains information about the number of the certificate.
  • With this, the film category is told.

These films get A certificate

There are many certificates that are given after seeing the story of the film. One of these is an A certificate ( OMG2 got an A certificate ). It is given to films that are made for people above 18 years of age. Along with giving this, it is also informed that this film has not been made for children below 18 years, so they are not allowed to watch it. There are many films that have got this certificate.

Why are certificates given

Everyone knows that whatever movie we watch ( movie reaction ) is affected by our life somewhere. That’s why the Supreme Court had ordered in the year 1989 that every film would be issued a certificate by the Censor Board. Which there will be all the information about the important things related to the film. It was also made mandatory by the Supreme Court.

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