Julie Ullu Web Series: Nehal Vadoliya crossed all limits in 6 scenes, showed her boldest avatar ever

Nehal Vadoliya was seen giving such tremendous bold scenes in the trailer that all limits were crossed.

In the ‘Julie’ web series, Nehal Vadoliya has played the role of a nurse character which she soon came into the limelight, because she has given very bold scenes in the Julie web series.

The sequel brings the latest episodes with a different plot of twists and turns. Actress Nehal Vadoliya returned to the series alongside Aman Verma and Deepjyoti Das.

The story drops with the past season episodes, where the mystery murder at the hospital and the cops are trying to decode the case with the hidden corps. Aman Verma is playing the investigation officer role. While Nehal takes the nurse character.

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