Kajal Aggarwal shared her son’s pics for the first time on Mother’s Day, wrote- ‘At first it felt scary, now it is more beautiful’

Kajal Aggarwal shared her son's pics for the first time on Mother's Day, wrote- 'At first it felt scary, now it is more beautiful'

Kajal Aggarwal has shown the first glimpse of her son on social media. On the special occasion of Mother’s Day, she has shared a beautiful picture of her chest with lovely Neil and has written a long post for her. Actress Kajal Aggarwal, who made her acting debut in South to Bollywood, became a mother on April 19. She has given birth to a son and named him Neil.

Kajal has shared a picture with her new born baby on the special occasion of Mother’s Day, in which she is seen holding the little innocent with her lap.

While sharing the photo of the son, Kajal has also shared a long post which is for the new born baby. He wrote in the caption, ‘Dear Neil – My first child. I want you to know how precious you are and will always be there for me, the moment I took you in my arms, held your little hand in my hand, felt your warm breath and looked at your beautiful eyes , I knew I was in love with you forever. You are my first child, my first son. Basically my everything..’ 

The actress further wrote, ‘In the years to come, I will do my best to teach you, but you have already taught me a lot… you have told me what it is like to be a mother. You taught me to be selfless You taught me that it is possible to have a piece of my heart outside my body. And I still have a lot to learn…

Kajal further writes… ‘Becoming a mother was not easy.. I was feeling scared at first but I would have found it more beautiful. Many thanks to you with whom I had the first experience of all these things. There is no one else to do this..God chose you, my little prince…’

The Singham girl, who became a mother for the first time, further wrote, ‘I pray that you become strong and sweet and you have a heart for others. I pray that you never let your bright future and lovely personality fade away in this world. I pray that you are courageous, kind, generous and patient. I already see a lot in you and I feel very proud to call you my own… You are my sun, my moon, and all my stars, little ones.’

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