Kill Boksoon: Meet Netflix’s Korean John Wick

Kill Boksoon: Meet Netflix's Korean John Wick

Kill Boksoon might look like a John Wick movie , but with a female lead. That said, director Byun Sung-Hyun has a unique inspiration for his world-building.

Netflix ‘s new action film is set in a version of South Korea that is home to numerous “assassin agencies” that breed assassins from a young age to be the best in the industry.

Watch the Kill Boksoon trailer, below.

John Wick inspired Kill Boksoon

Kill Boksoon, filmmaker Byun Sung-hyun told ScreenRant about his inspiration for creating an alternate universe in which assassins are a large-scale business in South Korea, with very strict rules.

“The world of assassins and assassin companies is nothing new from the John Wick franchise, which I was personally inspired by. I thought to myself, if there’s nothing new to the world then what can I add to it? I wanted to draw a parallel between the killer industry and the Korean film industry,” said the director of Kill Boksoon.

Kill Boksoon is available on Netflix .

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