Know Disha Patni’s love life and interesting facts related to her

Know Disha Patni's love life and interesting facts related to her

Disha Patani: Disha Patani dominates from films to advertisements. With the magic of his acting and dance, he made himself a household name. Especially through social media, she has shared every single update with the fans.

Let us inform that along with professional, Disha Patni’s personal life is also always in discussion. Learn interesting things related to Disha Patni in this article.

Born in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, Disha Patni wanted to grow up to be an Air Force pilot, not an actor. Disha Patni came into limelight after being a part of Cadbury’s advertisement. During the shooting of the film Bharat, Disha Patni had to face the problem of memory loss.

Disha Patani’s love life

The relationship between Disha Patni and Tiger Shroff was not hidden by anyone. Both dated each other for a long time, however, now both are not together. If reports are to be believed, these days Disha Patni is dating someone else.

Disha Patani is followed by more than 58 million people on Instagram. Millions of views come on his videos.

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