Know who are the most expensive female singers of India

Know who are the most expensive female singers of India

You must have heard about the big stars of Bollywood that they charge crores of rupees for a film, but do you know that there are many Bollywood female singers who charge lakhs of rupees for a song. Let us know which singers’ names are included in this list.

Shreya Ghoshal

Shreya Ghoshal has been singing for Hindi films for a long time. People like to listen to his voice very much. Apart from Hindi, she sings songs in Marathi, Tamil and many Indian languages. It is said that Shreya is the highest paid female singer in the music industry. According to media reports, Shreya charges around Rs 27 lakh for Kisi Bhai song.

Neha Kakkar

She is known as one of the costliest singers of Bollywood and due to her talent she has earned immense fame and fortune. He worked hard to reach where Neha is today. Today Neha Kakkar is one of the highest paid singers in the industry. According to reports, Neha Kakkar charges Rs 15,00,000 for a single song.

Tulsi Kumar

Tulsi Kumar Dua better known as Tulsi Kumar. Tulsi Kumar has given her voice in many superhit songs. Tulsi is the daughter of T-Series owner Gulshan Kumar and she is one of the most expensive singers in Bollywood. It is said that Tulsi charges around 8 lakh rupees for a song. 

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