Know who is singer KK’s wife?

Know who is singer KK's wife?

Well-known Bollywood singer KK passed away at the age of 53 due to a heart attack. These great personalities were performing at an event in Kolkata. During this, his health began to deteriorate, after which he was taken to the hospital, but by then it was too late.

After KK’s death, his wife is in shock. Actually, he is not convinced that her spouse has left her side. KK has been such a singer, who has always kept his personal life away from the limelight. This is the reason why very few people would know about his wife. Today in this article we will know unknown things about KK’s wife.

Although very few people would know about his romantic love story. KK’s love story had started only in the sixth grade, but she had to struggle hard to get her love forever. KK once told that he had to do a sales job to marry Jyoti, because his in-laws did not want his girl to marry an unemployed boy.

KK took seven rounds with his lucky charm Jyoti Krishna in the year 1991. After marriage, he is also blessed with a son and a daughter. Please tell that the name of his son is Nakul Krishna Kunnath while the name of daughter is Tamara Kunnath.

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