Lalit Modi wanted to have a relationship with Sushmita Sen since 9 years ago, forced the actress to do this thing

Lalit Modi wanted to have a relationship with Sushmita Sen since 9 years ago, forced the actress to do this thing

Former IPL President Lalit Modi created a panic in the entertainment world by sharing a post last night. Lalit Modi shared a photo with Sushmita Sen on Instagram and Twitter and told them that they are both in a relationship. Now, ever since news of their relationship broke, there has been an uproar on social media. Sushmita’s fans are giving different reactions on her relationship with Lalit Modi.

Lalit is 10 years older than Sushmita, so a lot of talk is going on about the relationship between the two. After the disclosure of Lalit and Sushmita’s relationship, users are now searching and searching old tweets and pictures of Lalit Modi. Looking at these old pictures, it is known that both were in a relationship for many years. Now after the news of their affair surfaced, an old tweet of Lalit Modi is going viral.

Old tweet of Lalit Modi going viral

Actually, the tweets of Lalit Modi which are going viral are about 9 years old. In 2013, Lalit tagged Sushmita Sen on Twitter and wrote – I commit, you are very kind. However, promises are meant to be broken. Commitments are fulfilled. Cheers love, 47 to name one. Along with this, Sushmita Sen also wrote while replying to his tweet – gotcha 47. After this Lalit Modi wrote while tagging Sushmita – reply to my message.

Now years later, when the talk of Lalit Modi and Sushmita Sen’s relationship has come to the fore, these old tweets are going viral. 

At the same time, users are also giving tremendous reaction on the tweet. One wrote – Well all this is going on since 2013. Another person wrote – Both are in long term relationship since 2013. One user wrote – Modi saab has gone right. Another person wrote – waited for 9 years, should not give up hope.

Users are making funny comments

Now fans are speculating that Sushmita and Lalit Modi are dating each other for almost 9 years. The news of their relationship has surprised everyone. Let us tell you that Lalit Kumar Modi has been a businessman and the founder of IPL. He was married to Meenal who died of cancer in the year 2018.

Let us tell you that while sharing the pictures last night, Lalit Kumar wrote – I have come back after a global tour in London. This includes the Maldives and Sardinia. I went here with my family. I want to tell you that along with my wife Sushmita Sen was also present.

A new beginning, a new life, my feet are not falling on the ground. Now this sudden revelation of Lalit Modi blew the senses of the fans. Although later he told people in another tweet that he has not married Sushmita yet but this too is going to happen soon. At present, no reaction has been revealed from the actress’ side on this tweet.

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