Most Listened Bollywood And Hindi Playlists In 2022

Most Listened Bollywood And Hindi Playlists In 2022

Bollywood music is an informal tag for Indian film songs. It is a common mix of dance and moves in Hindi movies. Bollywood music is the largest constituent of Geet contemporary music which is curbed from traditional and latest musical genres.

Bollywood musicals are unique with features of energy dancing sprees which are commonly exhibited in public places like sooqs, workshops, moving vehicles as well as other locations. Although Indian movies usually comprise several dance movements, it is fairly different from what is obtained in the contemporary art sphere. If you’ve been yearning for Hindi songs, you can get a lot of them on the net.

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With the unceasing release of Hindi films monthly, there are lots of Bollywood songs to update your playlist with. We have curated the top 10 trending songs you can select from. Dust your feet, and get your dancing shoes ready as we walk you through some of them.

  1. Sip Sip, Street Dancer 3D

Our number one pick for trendy Bollywood songs is Street Dancer 3D. It is a revised version of the 2018 Sip Sip original song series. The former was a hit and so is the latter. You need to check it out and feel the vibe.

  1. I Am a Disco Dancer 2.0

With a touch of romance and affection, we bring to you another trending Hindi song, ‘I am a disco dancer 2.0’. The melody and disco dance moves are top-notch. This song will surely get you dancing most amazingly. Even in your worst emotional state, you’ll get something to spice up the move.

  1. Do You Love Me, Baaghi 3

Curbed from the previous release of the Baaghi film series, Do you love me (Baaghi 3) is yet another beguiling hot song that will get you shaking your booty unknowingly. The beats are second to none. Its rhythms are perfect. You surely don’t wanna miss out on this.

  1.  Khadke Glassy, Jabariya Jodi

This is a Bollywood variant of the same Punjabi song title. It is melodious and packed with even more sauce. Jump on it and watch yourself shaking your body to the rhythms.

  1. Mummy Nu Pasand, Jai Mummy Di

Again mummy Nu Pasand, Jai Mummy Di come to the limelight in rejigs to a Punjabi music track from Sharma. If you listened to the original Punjabi version, you’ll certainly love this one too, no doubt.

  1. Chandigarh Mein, Good Newwz

A theme song from the original movie series, Chandigarh Mein. The song starred all superstars in the movie while some hot chicks were dancing in the background. Do you wanna get hot as well? Smiles… tune in and enjoy vibing in a karaoke mood.

  1. Naah Goriye, Bala

Naah Goriye, Bala is the latest release of Naah Goriye movies. Just like the original one, this version is another banger to listen to. Whether you’ll love or loathe it, you will get to decide after listening to it. Without a doubt, this is a must-have on your playlist if you’re a fan of Bollywood Music.

  1. Aari Aari, Satellite Shankar

This hit track is a reformation of Bombay Rockers movie song of the same heading. The song production is a mimic of the original series. Moreover, there’s an extra fix to this that gives it a high tempo you’d like to dance to. We won’t be surprised if you have it on auto-repeat mode.

  1. Angreji Beat, Cocktail

This trending Bollywood song is an excerpt from Honey Singh’s original movie. The song has lots of exciting lyrics you won’t stop muttering even after your sound system downtime. It will make you forget your sorrow and pick a disco step.

  1. Humrah, Malang

This is a perfect pick to enjoy quixotic moments. If you’re together with your partner or alone thinking of them most affectionately, this emotional Bollywood track would ignite that romantic feeling.

As a final note, the list of exciting Bollywood songs is endless as new releases are updated regularly. You can get trending Hindi music on the net, but if you experience any download restrictions, simply download VeePN software to enjoy seamless surfing.

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