Naseeruddin Shah’s new film Mee Raqsam to release on ZEE 5 on August 21

Naseeruddin Shah’s new film Mee Raqsam to release on ZEE 5 on August 21

The creators of Mee Raqsam shared the movie’s poster and release date on Tuesday. With Naseeruddin Shah playing a key role, The movie Mee Raqsam is directed by Shabana’s brother, cinematographer Baba Azmi, and will be released on August 21.

Shabana, who presents the film, said: “It is the first film that I present and it is a tribute to our father Kaifi Azmi, who was one of the torchbearers of the composite culture of India, that the film celebrates. It is an inspiring story about a father who is resolutely behind his daughter’s desire to dance. In these dark times, “Mee Raqsam” offers hope and elevates the soul. ”

Sharing one of the reasons why the film is so special to him, Baba Azmi said: “Many years ago, my father Kaifi Azmi had asked me: ‘Baba, is it possible that you will film a movie in Mijwan?’ (My father was born in Mijwan, a town in eastern UP). We both smiled at each other because we both knew it would be a formidable task. It was a town without roads, without services, and without infrastructure. But his question stuck with me. Now, many years later, I was able to do exactly that. It gives me great pleasure to have made my directorial debut as a tribute to my father, Kaifi Azmi. ”

The story will see Salim from Danish Husain inspiring and motivating her daughter Mariam (Aditi Subedi) to pursue her dream of becoming a ballerina through thick and thin. Naseeruddin Shah will be seen playing the role of a community leader.

Anil Kapoor also shared the poster on social media. He wrote, “A great cinematographer & my dear friend #BabaAzmi, who created magic in Mr. India, Beta, Ishq, Woh 7 Din & Akele Hum Akele Tum is all set for his directorial debut with #MeeRaqsam and I’m so excited to watch it!

Mee Raqsam will premiere on August 21 on ZEE5.


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