Neetu Chandra Reveals ‘A Big Businessman’ Wanted She To Be ‘His Salaried Wife’ At Rs 25 Lakh Per Month

Neetu Chandra

Actress Neetu Chandra has revealed that a businessman offered her a salary of Rs 25 lakh to become a ‘salary wife’. Neetu Chandra has appeared in many Bollywood movies. She made her debut in Bollywood in the year 2005 with the movie ‘Garam Masala’. (Neetu Chandra says she was offered Rs 25 Lakh to become a businessman’s ‘salaried wife’)

In his new interview, Neetu Chandra said, “Despite working with almost 13 National Award-winning artists, I have neither money nor work.” Neetu Chandra has also told you how he was rejected even after auditioning for an hour.

Neetu Chandra had portrayed the character of an air hostess in the movie ‘Garam Masala’. In addition, he has acted in many movies like ‘Traffic Signal’, ‘One to Three’, ‘Oy Lucky, Lucky Oy’, ‘Apartment’. ‘Kuch Love Jaisa’ is her latest movie. She was seen with Shefali Shah, Rahul Bose, and Sumit Raghavan. ‘Oy Lucky, Lucky Oy’ has also been honored with a national award. Her movie ‘Mithila Makhana’ is also a National Award-winning movie.

In an interview to a Hindi website, actress Neetu Chandra said, “I have worked with many artists who are National Award winners but today I don’t have a job. I was once told by a big businessman that I would pay you Rs 25 lakh a month, become my ‘salaried wife’ and since then I have not been married till today. Today I have neither money nor work. I am surprised that people have not accepted me even though I have worked in so many movies. This is the concern I am facing today. “

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