Obesity gave her confidence, she will star in ‘Yaa’ with Akshay Kumar!

Obesity gave her confidence, she will star in 'Yaa' with Akshay Kumar!

Deepika Khanna has four sisters in the movie Rakshabandhan starring Akshay Kumar. Deepika is Akshay’s heaviest sister. Deepika, who has always been denied auditions due to her weight , got the opportunity to work with Akshay Khanna in big projects due to her weight.

Deepika said, ” I got the script 8 months before the film started shooting.” Earlier I sent them a tech. Then two or three months later I was called back for the test. (Deepika Khanna Play Role As Sister Of Akshay Khanna In Rakshabandhan)

After auditioning three or four times, I was finally called to the production house one day. There was another girl besides me arriving for the same role. When I left, an hour later the phone rang and you were selected. We have already been told that Akshay Kumar will be in the film.

Deepika says I had already accepted the reality of your weight. I’m not worried about weight. I have accepted myself as I am. There will be many occasions when I have to bear the humiliation of being overweight. But where I have worked, my weight has become my USP. I have assumed that weight is strength. Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness. I didn’t miss it. On the contrary, my weight has boosted my confidence.

John Abraham and Deepika

Deepika started her career with a print shoot. There she had no idea where we wanted to start. She would go online to find numbers, search for offices, and then audition. She got her first break print shoot. When she got to the set, she found out that it was for the National Geographic Channel, and that too with John Abraham. “I want to stand next to John on the stool,” said Deepika. My job there was just to smile and Jan would take my kiss. I was 21 years old at the time, I was very happy about it

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