Pooja Deol: Now Sunny Deol’s wife Pooja has changed so much, see some special pictures

Pooja Deol: Now Sunny Deol's wife Pooja has changed so much, see some special pictures

Pooja Deol Photos: Bollywood veteran actor Sunny Deol is still active in films. On the other hand, when it comes to his wife, she does not like to appear in the limelight at all. He likes to live his life in a very simple way. If any picture of her comes to the fore, it goes viral within minutes.

Today we have to show you some such pictures of him, after seeing them even you will not be able to recognize him.

Pooja Deol looks beautiful in Indian clothes

If you see pictures of Pooja Deol in Indian clothes then it may be even more difficult for you to recognize her. Pooja always avoids coming in front of the media. That’s why we have only a few pictures of him. This picture is also very old. She is looking very cute in this picture too. Not only this, we have a picture of him which is very old.

Pooja Deol dancing at son’s wedding

Pooja Deol was seen at the wedding of Pooja Deol and Sunny Deol’s daughter on the previous day itself. Even in this event, it was difficult to recognize him. Pooja Deol looked very happy at her son’s wedding. His pictures and videos went viral on social media. Karan Deol, the darling son of the Deol family, got married on June 18.

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