Ritesh Pandey’s actress Isha Gupta is no less than Esha Gupta of ‘Ashram 3’ in beauty, See photos

Ritesh Pandey's actress Isha Gupta is no less than Esha Gupta of 'Ashram 3' in beauty, See photos

Every day you keep hearing something about Bollywood actress Esha Gupta. But do you know that there is also an Esha Gupta in the Bhojpuri industry? Surprised to know? But this is true.

The name of Esha Gupta of Bollywood and Bhojpuri industry is Same, but there is a difference in the spelling of the names of both the actresses. On the other hand, if we talk about style, then Isha of Bhojpuri cinema is nothing less than Isha of ‘Ashram 3’.

Bhojpuri cinema’s sizzling actress Isha has appeared in the music video ‘with Ritesh Pandey. Esha Gupta got a lot of popularity from this music video and her name started being discussed everywhere.

Ritesh Pandey’s actress Esha Gupta is very glamorous and beautiful in real life. Photos of the actress on social media are screaming and testifying to her style statement.

Esha Gupta, who has made her mark in the Bhojpuri industry, hails from Himachal. Esha Gupta has also worked in Punjabi TV shows before becoming a part of Bhojpuri music videos. The beginning of his career was Punjabi music.

Esha Gupta has also made headlines in the role of Emily in the Punjabi TV show ‘Vilayati Bhabhi’. Apart from music videos, television shows, Esha Gupta is also a fashion influencer.

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