Salaar Trailer: Will Salaar be able to save Prabhas’ sinking career?

Salaar Trailer: Will Salaar be able to save Prabhas' sinking career?

Prabhas’ upcoming film Salaar has been in the news for some time now. Right now the only question running in everyone’s mind is whether this film will be able to work its magic in theatres. After 3 consecutive flops, the career of superstar Prabhas is now being linked to Salaar.

Actually, after the flop of two films ‘Saaho’ and ‘Radheshyam’, Prabhas was hopeful that ‘Adipurush’ would stop his losing streak. The makers of the film Salaar are also worried about the deteriorating career of Prabhas. That is why even the trailer of the film has not been released yet. Actually, the makers had earlier promised to release the trailer in the month of August, but this too could not be possible.

When will Salaar be released?

Changing the release date of the film clearly shows that the makers are very worried about the film. It is believed that ‘Salaar’ will be released in theaters in November in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam languages ​​including Hindi. At present, it has not been confirmed by the makers.

Why are Prabhas’s films flopping?

After Baahubali, most of Prabhas’ films have been flops. The biggest reason for this is the weak story of the film. Of all the films that Prabhas has chosen, his story could not connect much to the people. Another major reason is the heavy use of VFX in his films. You can see Radheshyam or Adipurush. Because of VFX, people are not able to connect much with the film. One of the reasons for the non-play of films is being linked to Bahubali films.

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