The Addams Family Is Extremely Rich, And You’ve Never Realized Why

The Addams Family Is Extremely Rich, And You've Never Realized Why
wednesday (Netflix)

In the first season of Wednesday, it became very clear that the Addamses are in fact very wealthy. The explanation for the origin of the protagonist’s family wealth was given during a scene that many may have missed.

According to the character Xavier Thorpe, his godmother was a close friend of Wandinha’s grandmother, Gómez’s mother. According to him, the protagonist’s grandmother spent 20 years of her life deceiving rich people in Europe and, with that, managed to collect a lot of money.

Wednesday (Netflix)

Also, all of the family’s money doesn’t seem to have come from just one source. Uncle Chico himself confessed to being a criminal who earns a lot of money by robbing banks and committing various robberies.

Gómez, for his part, implies that he is involved in schemes with suspicious businesses, thus justifying his wealth.

In any case, although the character from the original series has relationships with suspicious schemes, on Netflix, he is known for being a successful lawyer.

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