The best Christmas movie characters

The best Christmas movie characters

There are some Christmas movie characters that are completely timeless – and so are their stories. Many are funny, heartwarming, charming, or even villainous, but audiences don’t forget them.

O Grinch (2000)

Jim Carrey’s portrayal of the Grinch has become a classic for its contempt for Christmas. The actor used his ‘elastic’ face, his body, and his ability to improvise lines to make the character even more striking.

Skeleton Jack: The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

The Nightmare Before Christmas

In a way, Jack can be seen as a villain in The Nightmare Before Christmas, as he basically steals Christmas from Santa Claus.

However, Jack has no malice or ill intentions when he does this – all he wants is to provide himself with a Christmas because he is bored with his own life. He looks scary, but like most Tim Burton characters, he actually has a good heart.

Kevin McAllister – Home Alone

Kevin McAllister – Home Alone

Kevin McAllister and the movie Home Alone are true Christmas classics. The character and his famous quotes in the film represent the childhood that many children and adults can relate to.

Many families get into fights and even heated arguments that end up causing friction. Kevin stands out because he plays out that childish fantasy without coming off as ugly.

Harry & Marv – Home Alone

Kevin McAllister is a key part of the first two films in the Home Alone franchise , the villainous duo is just as important.

Without them, the plot would not unfold and Kevin would not have so many adventures. Harry and Marv are the pinnacle of despicable bad guys in movies. They’re kind of dumb, but they have an undeniably fun chemistry that leaves audiences loving to hate them.

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