The end of the character in House of the Dragon will be very painful

The end of the character in House of the Dragon will be very painful
House of the Dragon

The series The House of the Dragon, derived from Game of Thrones and one of the successes of HBO Max, will gain a second season. And the second year can show the redemption of a character much hated by fans.

If many characters in the series can be hated, Tyland Lannister is also one of them . He has a big change after Rhaenyra takes King’s Landing and tortures him.

Tyland was maimed, castrated and blinded, which caused him to wear a hood over his head so he wouldn’t frighten those in the royal court.

The deaths of several hated characters will be satisfying, but Tyland’s will be very sad given the way he will die. Tyland is totally broke at the end of his life. The blacks hate him for proposing that Aegon be executed, and the greens hate him for being a faithful servant of the king after the war.

The character’s death comes shortly after Corlys Velaryon and Alicent Hightower, an end as bad as a sword during battle.

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