This Hindi web series based on reality captivated the audience

This Hindi web series based on reality captivated the audience

Many web series and movies are released on the OTT platform. Many web series are such that it does not take much budget to make but their story and acting of the characters are excellent. Today we will tell you some such web series which are based on true events.

Delhi Crime

Delhi Crime Web Series is a web series based on the incident of gangrape in the year 2012. In this web series, the way the Delhi Police caught the six accused of gang rape and carried out the incident of gang rape in Delhi has been shown. There are many actors and actresses like Rasika Duggal, Shefali Shah, Rajesh Tailang etc. in this web series. You can watch this web series on Netflix. 

Scam 1992

The year 1990 to 1992 was a time of major changes for the Indian economy and it was during this time that Harshad Mehta did a scam of about Rs 4,000 crore. Harshad Mehta, the main accused in the scam, died in 2002, but the web series ‘Scam 1992’ was released on this stock market scam, in which this scam was shown and all the characters were liked by the people. You can watch this web series on Sony Liv. 


In the famous web series of Netflix, a fishing racket has been shown in Jamtara district of Jharkhand. In the web series, it has been shown how the callers are tricked into different types of things and somehow get their bank account number, debit or credit card number, CVV number and then the OTP number that comes on the mobile. is taken.

Mumbai Diaries

On 26 November 2011, there was a terrorist attack in Mumbai which we will never forget. The ‘Mumbai Diaries’ web series is based on the same incident that took place in Mumbai city. The way the characters have acted in this web series is commendable.

Mumbai Diaries shows how terrorists attacked Mumbai Taj and people saw humanity being riddled with bullets. In this web series, the director has not made the mistake of filling humor and has shown the whole story correctly. You can watch this web series on Prime Video.

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