This water bottle seen in Shahrukh Khan’s hand is very valuable, you will be surprised to know the price

This water bottle seen in Shahrukh Khan's hand is very valuable, you will be surprised to know the price

King Khan of Bollywood i.e. Shahrukh Khan is not interested in any identity today. Shahrukh Khan has earned so much name in the industry that not only in the country but also in foreign countries, his name is ringing. Many foreign artists know India as Shahrukh Khan.

Shahrukh has not appeared in any film for the last four to five years but he always remains a favorite of the people. Whatever Shahrukh does, it becomes a style.

Even today, fans are desperate to know many things about him. So let us tell you a special thing related to King Khan today. You must have often seen a water bottle in Shahrukh’s hand. This water bottle is very special. 

Shahrukh Khan keeps himself hydrated with this special bottle

Shahrukh Khan has turned 55 plus. In such a situation, he takes great care of his health. He often carries a special bottle with him so that he can keep himself hydrated. The bottle that Shahrukh Khan is often spotted with is Hydrates Park PRO Smart Water Bottle. One of its special features is that the bottle keeps track of every sip by connecting to your phone. As soon as you connect it to the mobile, all the data starts showing on the app. In such a situation, as soon as it is time to drink water, it alerts you.

This bottle also records how much water you have drunk throughout the day. The water in this bottle of Shahrukh Khan stays cold for 24 hours. As soon as it is time to drink water, the LED sensor installed in it starts flashing. You can connect this bottle directly to your iPhone and Apple Watch. With this, the LED on the bottle and the app in the phone can count the water throughout the day.

This bottle comes in different variants which have different prices. This bottle starts from 500 ml, its price is $ 64 i.e. about 5 thousand rupees.

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