Troll: We explain the mid-credits scene of the Netflix movie

Troll: We explain the mid-credits scene of the Netflix movie
Troll Netflix movie

Netflix has released Troll, the epic new film from the director of Tomb Raider. The feature film has a scene in the middle of the credits, which leaves a loose end for a possible continuation.

“After being imprisoned for a thousand years in the depths of the mountain of Dovre, a gigantic creature comes to the surface. She sets out on a journey to the capital of Norway, leaving destruction and chaos in her wake. A group of heroes band together to stop her. But how to stop something that should only exist in Norwegian folklore?”, says the synopsis of Troll.

The plot of Troll revolves around hunting the Troll and keeping the town safe. The government and military sought to neutralize the dangerous threat at any cost. From guns and missiles to bells and UV light, they do everything in their power to kill the Troll.

Tobias Tidemann is the only person in the film who believes in the Troll’s innocence and tries to find a peaceful way out.

Nora, on the other hand, is uncertain as she can’t decide which way to go. On the one hand, she wants to protect the people. But her heart knows that trolls are good-natured creatures, as her father always told her.

Troll is now available on Netflix .

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