Upcoming Tamil Movies 2021 | New Tamil Movies Released in 2021

Upcoming Tamil Movies 2021 | New Tamil Movies Released in 2021
Upcoming Tamil Movies 2021

Here is the list of upcoming Tamil movies in 2021 with release dates, trailers, posters, and videos. See the full list of upcoming Tamil movie releases. 2020 may not have been the best year for Tamil, as movie theaters were closed for most of the year due to the pandemic. Many of the 2021 Tamil films whose release and postponed due to the pandemic are finally preparing to hit theaters.

Here is the list of all Upcoming Tamil Movies 2021:

Upcoming Tamil Movies in July 2021

Release DateTitlePlatformGenre
22 Jul 2021Sarpatta ParambaraiAmazon PrimeSports, Drama
23 Jul 2021MGR MaganCinemaDrama
28 Jul 2021NetrikannTBAthriller, Drama
Jul 2021Oh MannapenneTBARomance
Jul 2021SabhaapathyTBADrama

Upcoming Tamil Movies in August 2021

Release DateTitlePlatformGenre
13 Aug 2021Doctor MovieCinemaAction, Thriller
13 Aug 2021PushpaCinemaThriller, Drama
14 Aug 2021MaanaaduCinemaDrama
Aug 2021LaabamCinemaDrama

Upcoming Tamil Movies in September 2021

Release DateTitlePlatformGenre
9 Sep 2021LigerCinemaAdventure

Upcoming Tamil Movies in October 2021

Release DateTitlePlatformGenre
13 Oct 2021RRRCinemaAction, Drama
14 Oct 2021K.G.F Chapter 2CinemaAction

Upcoming Tamil Movies in November 2021

Release DateMovie NamePlatformGenre
02 Nov 20213:33CinemaTBA
03 Nov 2021Good Luck SakhiCinemaDrama
04 Nov 2021AnnaattheCinemaAction, Drama
Nov 2021CobraCinemaAction

Upcoming Tamil Movies in December 2021

Release DateMovie NamePlatformGenre
Dec 2021KabzaCinemaDrama
Dec 2021AyalaanCinemaDrama
Dec 2021AndhaganCinemaDrama

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