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Viral Video : A young woman is dancing on the road.. while a passing dog is pulling her pants..

Viral Video: Many funny videos are seen on social media. A lot of people are troubled by the unexpected events that happen during the time of taking videos. But these videos are becoming more popular as they are being shared. 

Some people take videos on bikes and fall down while doing so. And while some people are taking videos with animals, they attack them because they annoy them. Most of them like these videos because they are fun.

These are also being uploaded and are becoming viral. While a girl is dancing on the road, a dog is barking from behind. Currently this video is going viral on the net. The dog came from behind and grabbed the pant while he was belting out a song in the jeans pant.. short top. 

The young woman immediately ran away in fear. But sharing this video is making me laugh. Netizens are also commenting differently. They are trolling by posting smiling emojis saying that it will be like this if it is done on the roads.. is it necessary.. And you also have a look..

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