Watch Black as Night Full Move On Amazon Prime Video

Watch Black as Night Full Move On Amazon Prime Video
Black as Night

Black as Night film is directed by Mariette Lee Go, known for her work on Phobias, Rise and Remittance. Executive Producers for the film are Jason Blum, Jeremy Gold, Marci Wiseman, Lisa Bruce, Maggie Malina, and Guy Stodel.

Black as Night will try to add a touch of humor to the ancient rivalry of humans and vampires along with all the action and moments that provoke screaming. With a young woman at the helm, the film will also see Keith David play a role that he had not rehearsed before, a vampire.

Black as Night follows Shawna, a teenage girl whose life takes a sudden turn to the dark, as she is bitten by a vampire. Her town soon starts seeing more attacks by the blood suckers and she decides to put an end to it once and for all. Shawna assembles the dream team with the help of her friends and goes right into the lion’s den, as she plans to destroy the vampire leader in the vampire mansion.

Where To Watch Black As Night Online

Black as Night comes to Amazon Prime Video on October 1, along with Bingo Hell, another horror movie in Welcome to the Blumhouse.

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