Palang Tod GAON KI GARMI Part 2 ULLU Web Series Episode Review: Ullu’s one of the most prominent and entertaining web series Gao Ki Garmi is all set with its second part. Yes, we are talking about Gao Ki Garmi Season 2 Part 2 which is going to release.

It is the most awaited sequel starring Mahi Kaur in the lead role. The story revolves around a bhabhi who feels disappointed with her husband. How the bhabhi gets satisfied with the help of a neighborhood young man is the crux of the story.

Palangtod Gaon Ki Garmi 2 Part 2 Web Series

The final episode of Gaon Ki Garmi Season 2 is all set to stream online on 14th January 2022 (Friday). The series ends with a twist as bhabhi fulfills her need with the neighborhood guy. But the twist happens when his wife comes at the time. What happens next is the crux of the story.

Gaon Ki Garmi Part 2 Actress, Cast Real Name

Here is the main cast list of Ullu App’s Palang Tod Gaon Ki Garmi Season 2,

  • Mahi Kaur
  • Anupam Gahoyi
  • Shivam Tiwari
  • Megha

Palang Tod is one of the Ullu app’s popular series that has episodes like Caretaker, Anniversary Gift, Blackmail, Saas Bahu & NRI, Kirayedaar, Friend Request, and more. Gaon Ki Garmi has a separate fan base for its storyline.

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