Bollywood has had an incredibly special and unique connection with animals, and we have a lot of beautiful movies about animals, especially dogs. These movies about animal lovers are emotional and familiar.

Bollywood Movies for Animal Lovers You Must Watch

Junglee (2019)

Junglee is a film about elephant poaching, it shares the story of a family who lives in a wildlife sanctuary with elephants and helps them to raise in their home environment, but some bad people wants to kill elephants for their tusk

Entertainment (2014)

The film revolves around the dog named ‘Entertainment’, who is the owner of 3000 crore rupees left by a billionaire.

Maa (1992)

This paranormal film had a pet dog Dobby that could see ghosts. Jaya’s character has been killed and she returns back as a ghost to take revenge from the goons.

Haathi Mere Saathi (1971)

The story of the film portrays the life of Raju, an orphaned child, who, along with four elephants perform on the streets to make his living.