Who would win: The Mountain Troll or Godzilla?

Mountain Troll
Mountain Troll

The epic Troll has become an unusual hit on Netflix, winning over fans around the world with its heroic plot full of twists and turns. Given the titular protagonist’s enormous stature, many fans want to know: in a fight, would Troll defeat Godzilla?

We reveal below who would win in a battle: Troll or Godzilla.

In a battle against Godzilla, the Troll would rely on his intimidating stature and high level of physical strength, as well as the fact that he is built of what appears to be solid rock.

The monster’s humanoid agility would also represent an advantage against Godzilla. In addition, the Troll is much more intelligent than the Kaiju.


In other words, during a battle against Godzilla, Mountain Troll would use a technique similar to King Kong’s.

Godzilla is, without a doubt, one of the most iconic and powerful monsters in film history. The character is virtually indestructible. In the movie The Return of Godzilla, for example, the Kaiju manages to survive even after being thrown into an active volcano.


Godzilla would win in a battle against the Mountain Troll

According to the analysis of the Looper website, Godzilla is the clear winner of the battle. Netflix’s Troll may be big, but it couldn’t face Kaiju in a direct fight.

The Godzilla movies have already proven that the Kaiju is capable of destroying solid rock formations, so defeating the Mountain Troll would not be a problem.

Finally, only the atomic energy jets released by the Kaiju would be able to put the Norwegian monster to sleep.

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