Who’s Who in The Pale Blue Eye

Who's Who in The Pale Blue Eye

The Pale Blue Eye is directed and directed by Scott Cooper, from films such as Dark Spirits and The Guild. The plot is based on the book of the same name, released in 2003 by Louis Bayard.

“A retired detective recruits a cadet named Edgar Allan Poe to help investigate a grisly murder at the U.S. Military Academy,” states the official synopsis for The Pale Blue Eye.

One of the great assets of the feature, which is already in the Top 10 of streaming, is its cast, formed by stars from DC, Marvel, Sex Education, and true cinema classics.

Check out who’s who in the cast of The Pale Blue Eye below – see where you know each actor and actress in the feature.

Christian Bale – Augustus Landor

Christian Bale – Augustus Landor

The cast of The Pale Blue Eye is led by Christian Bale in the role of protagonist Augustus Landor. The character is a retired detective who returns to active duty to solve a sinister series of murders at West Point Academy.

Christian Bale is famous for playing Batman in The Dark Knight franchise. The actor is also in movies like Thor: Love and Thunder, American Psycho, The Big Short, American Hustle, and Vice.

Harry Melling – Edgar Allan Poe

Harry Melling

In The Pale Blue Eye, Harry Melling portrays Edgar Allan Poe – the poet who would eventually become one of the greatest icons of Gothic literature. In the film, Poe appears much younger, as one of the cadets at West Point Academy.

In addition to playing the insufferable cousin of the wizard, the actor is in productions like The Ballad of Buster Scruggs and The Queen’s Gambit.

Toby Jones – Daniel Marquis

Toby Jones

In the plot of The Pale Blue Eye, Toby Jones lives Dr. Daniel Marquis, the physician at West Point Academy. The character is the first to arouse suspicion of Detective Augustus Landor when he arrives at the military base.

Toby Jones is famous for playing the sinister Arnim Zola in Marvel movies, particularly in Captain America: The First Avenger. The actor is also active in the Hunger Games franchise and in films such as Frost/Nixon and One Week with Marilyn.

Gillian Anderson – Julia Marquis

Gillian Anderson

Gillian Anderson joins the cast of The Pale Blue Eye as Julia Marquis, the matriarch of the Marquis Family. Wife of Dr. Daniel, the character is elegant, sophisticated and manipulative – also becoming one of the suspects in the murders.

Lucy Boynton – Lea Marquis

Lucy Boynton

British actress Lucy Boynton portrays Lea Marquis in The Pale Blue Eye. As the last name indicates, the character is the daughter of Dr. Daniel. She also attracts the attention of Edgar Allan Poe, distracting the young man from investigating the murders.

Lucy Boynton is best known for playing Mary Austin, the bride of Freddie Mercury, in the film Bohemian Rhapsody.

Robert Duvall – Pepe

Legendary actor Robert Duvall also joins the cast of The Pale Blue Eye in the role of Pepe. The character is an eccentric traveler who helps Augustus Landor and Edgar Allan Poe as the detectives begin to investigate the occult.

Charlotte Gainsbourg – Patsy

charlotte gainsbourg

Charlotte Gainsbourg rounds out the main cast of The Pale Blue Eye as Patsy, a local waitress who ingratiates herself with Detective Augustus Landor – and also discovers some of the detective’s biggest secrets.

Gainsbourg is best known for her collaborations with filmmaker Lars Von Trier on the films Antichrist, Melancholia and Nymphomaniac.

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