Why did Ameesha Patel fail even after the success of Gadar? Because of this I do not get work in films

Why did Ameesha Patel fail even after the success of Gadar? Because of this I do not get work in films

Gadar’s Sakina Madam, whose career started with the blockbuster film ‘Kaho Na Pyaar Hai’. Everyone knows that the first film being a blockbuster is no less than a miracle. If the first film of any actor in Bollywood becomes a hit, then you can understand how far his career will go. But the opposite happened with Ameesha Patel.

Even after appearing in superhit films like ‘Gadar’ and ‘Bhool Bhulaiyaa’, the actress stopped getting work. This is because Ameesha Patel has been in the news more for her personal life issues than her work.

How did your career get spoiled?

Ameesha Patel sometimes had to face a case against her father, and sometimes the news of her affair with director Vikram Bhatt made a lot of headlines. The matter of filing a case against the father dates back to the year 2004 when Ameesha Patel filed a case of fraud of 12 crores against her father. Ameesha Patel alleged that her father had misused the money.

Why don’t you get work in films?

Amisha Patel’s affair with Vikram Bhatt was also one of the reasons for her bad career. This relationship of both lasted for 5 years. Vikram Bhatt was divorced at that time, but Ameesha Patel’s family did not like this relationship. It is believed that the actress was also in live-in with Vikram Bhatt.

Even after their early career and dating for 5 years, both of them changed their ways, but due to this Ameesha Patel’s career got spoiled. The couple parted ways before the release of Vikram Bhatt’s film in 1920. Vikram Bhatt initially accepted that he was having an affair with Ameesha Patel, but after their breakup, things changed completely. Vikram Bhatt said that there was just friendship between them.

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