Why is the name of the film ’72 Hooren’? The makers revealed,

Why is the name of the film '72 Hooren'? The makers revealed,

Currently there is a lot of discussion about the movie ’72 Hooren’. The trailer of the film was rejected by the Censor Board, but the makers have released it digitally. The film, which will be released in theaters from July 7, has been in controversy ever since the teaser was released. Many people have also objected to the name of the film.

Ashok Pandit, the co-producer of the film has revealed why the name of this film has been kept as ’72 Hooren’.

Ashok Pandit said, “Have you heard 72 words of hurray from any other Maulvi or Qazi than us? Actually this is a fact, I am from Kashmir, there this word is spoken in every street. It is completely wrong to say that the film is against religion. In this film we are only talking about terrorism. No one has seen terrorism as closely as I have. Where I come from, I have seen terrorism day and night.”

Meanwhile, in the beginning of the trailer, two characters are seen talking about 72 Hooren. The film shows that they are brainwashed by saying that after death you will go to heaven and 72 cheers will welcome you there. Based on that, the name of the film has been named ’72 Hooren’.

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